Helen O' Grady Speech and Drama Classes

Helen O' Grady Speech and Drama Classes at Freewings Pre School

The Helen O'Grady is a developmental drama system that has taken the world by storm. Founded in Australia in 1979, the system is widely used in over 25 countries across the globe.

We at Freewings Pre School offer year round classes to ensure your children have ample opportunity to participate without conflicting with other extra-curricular activities.

This programmes are specially designed for students from 3 to 17 years and encompass a huge body of developmental drama, which: Enhances Communication Skills, Increases energy and enthusiasm, Encourages listening and conversational skills, Promotes social skills, Stimulates creativity and concentration, Provides a platform for success in performing arts, Adds to confidence and self-esteem and Teaches presentation skills.

All our programmes are conducted by qualified Helen O'Grady teachers who undergo regular intensive training. All teachers are trained to develop personal rapport with each student, and our Academy Director attends classes regularly, to ensure that the highest standards are maintained.

Do you want your child to join the most popular drama academy which helps them to improve on their – Speaking, Learning Skills & Performance? Get your child registered for a course of Helen O' Grady Speech & Drama Class today with us .

Age – 3 to 17 years
Duration – 1 Year
No. of Sessions in a Year – 30, Once in a week
Batches on Friday and Saturday

Join us and see the dramatic difference in your child.